How I pack for a winter break + Free downloadable packing list

Packing for winter can seem daunting especially considering the things you need tend to be thick, heavy clothing. The trick is very simple - only pack what you truly need! This is the time of the year where you should probably be the strictest with your packing, usually for summer you can pack much more with thinner clothes and bikinis.

I was travelling from one cold climate to another so thankfully I was already wearing a jumper, jeans, coat and scarf as well as my leather Nikes which are warm and comfy for the winter. I thought it would be nice and perhaps helpful if I shared what I packed for a recent winter break taking only a cabin sized luggage case -

For a 3 day/four night winter break, I packed:

Clothes and Shoes

2 Jumpers
1 Blouse
2 T-shirts
2 Nightshirts
Underwear & socks
Pair of ankle boots

Beauty and Skincare

Makeup wipes
2 face brushes
Beauty blender
Hair brush
Shower gel/ Shampoo (this was also provided in my room)
Eyebrow pencil
Eyebrow wax pencil
Deodorant (travel size)

Accessories and Other Items

Small handbag
Pair of earrings
Phone charger

All of this fit comfortably into my cabin sized suitcase (pictured above), along with my Canon SLR and Tsum Tsum teddy (also pictured - he makes for a comfortable travel pillow!). My documents were stored in my small handbag along with my phone and headphones. I hope this list will be helpful to any of you going on a winter break!

If you like you can download my free winter packing checklist that includes items you may or may not take with you but covers a range of items - leave your thoughts in the comments I'd love to read them!

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