Rome in the winter - Day 1&2

The first day we arrived we were exhausted - packing and a late bath at midnight, waking up three hours later to go to the airport, a slightly delayed (although admittedly pleasant) flight and we wanted our beds. But arriving to our beautiful AirBnb certainly perked us up (Read the full post about our stay here) and I'm sure many travellers have experienced that mixed feeling of excitement and tiredness when arriving in a new place!

After our first bites of authentic Italian food at a restaurant around the corner, we went back to our room for a well deserved nap. I think four days was a perfect length for the trip as I didn't feel guilty for taking time to rest on the first day, especially as our room was so lovely. After waking up and quickly refreshing ourselves we went out to explore and for a bite to eat for the rest of the evening. We were in awe of our walk towards the Colosseum, being only 10 minutes away from where we were situated and lit up in the distance, we had to pinch ourselves a bit! We took a stroll past the Colosseum, stopping for some photos and then headed towards the Trevi Fountain, something I had been looking forward to the most at night time! It really did live up to my expectations (and more!) and I'll be sharing more images in my next post of our trip as we got our best photos of the fountain on the third day.

The next day we had a nice and early start, eager to see the city in daylight. Architecture is something you can definitely appreciate throughout Rome, and not just the infamous ancient buildings but the apartments are also a thing to admire. We walked back through the route we took the following evening, through the park opposite the Colosseum walking past all the dog walkers and joggers (one of which kindly took a photo of us together).


Rome is truly the city of fountains! One of the most beautiful sights to see in central Rome is the Altare della Patria, a monument that you can walk around and see the many statues that emboss the front. The Trevi Fountain was also beautiful during the day (but in my opinion much more magical at night!)

We kind of stumbled across the Spanish Steps, something that you can easily do with many of the sights to see in Rome - it isn't hard to miss, with many people sat at the bottom and the boutiques and stores surrounding the base of the staircase. Rome is also great for shopping, with a huge variety of brands and independent stores.

Fontana del Tritone, Piazza Barberini 

The Pavillion is free to enter, after a little bit of queuing it's well worth the visit. It's amazing to have these landmarks woven throughout the city, everything is easily accessible on foot.

The beautiful ceilings within San Carlo Al Corso

I will be posting part 2 very soon! I had so many photos (and did so much during my trip) and I can't wait to show you the rest - please leave me a comment with any questions or thoughts you have about my trip or comment on my Instagram, I would love to keep in touch!

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